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Mosquito Screen

If you want to protect your home against unwanted insects, mosquito screen is the ideal solution for you.

Our windows are made to the highest quality standards, and are characterized by innovation and functional solutions, security and care for energy-saving measures. Sophisticated profile shapes, wide choice of colors and accessories - these are the elements that distinguish our windows from all the others.

Aside from the visual quality and design that matches the architecture of the building, you should also take into consideration comfort of use and, most of all, the protection level against external factors. For this reason, it is worth learning the parameters that should be considered when choosing the window, and what to ask the salesperson before making the final decision.

1. Window profile

    The window profile is the structure of the window that holds the glass panel in place. The profile is composed of the frame, the sash, the mullions and glazing beads.

2. Window fittings

    Locks, hinges and handles are the basic types of fittings responsible for window safety and protection against burglary.

​3. R – The key parameter

    The Sound Reduction Index R which indicates how efficiently the window protects the room against sounds from the outside.
4. Energy savings

     Efficient thermal performance improvement can effectively reduce the energy bills by as much as 50%. Installing new windows with a lower thermal transmission makes it

    possible to reduce the heating energy consumption in the house by as much as 25%. 

5. Durability and quality

    The type of glass, the combination of thickness of the panels, the presence of protective film, the spacing between the glass panels, and the presence of gas in the    

    glass panel unit indicate durability and quality.

The number of chambers and the profile wall thickness guarantee not only the stability and durability of the window, but most importantly, ensure improved protection against low temperatures and noise. With a smaller sash dimension (108 mm casing), more daylight enters the room, which also reduces heating costs. The excellent insulation parameters of this sealed glazing unit guarantee low heat loss and thus reduce building heating costs.