Imagine a new-generation garage doors with technology, quality, safety and extraordinary design. Our garage doors are innovative, perfected in every detail, and fully automated. They come in many different designs, colors, insulation values and sizes.

The quality of our garage doors is defined by the following:

1. The best insulation performance - Thermal insulation is what makes our garage doors stand out and qualify the door among the products recommended for energy-      saving or even passive buildings. Our garage doors address the demand for maximized energy gain and the minimized thermal losses of buildings. The sealing  systems eliminate heat losses at the 'thinnest' points across the door curtain.

2. The superior aesthetic effect - A wide choice of colors to suit the color of entrance door, facade, windows and other elements of the building. For clients who look for

 non-standard colors, we offer colors for powder coating. Also, State-of-the-art film coating technologies allow to obtain surface of natural wood-effect structure and color.

 To fully satisfy the clients' expectations, we offer film coating of the world leading manufacturers.
3. Exceptional level of safety - The individual systems which make a safe garage door are interdependent and interact with specific structural parts. They include, fixed  guide covers, moving roller covers, the integrated spring shaft cover, the shaft side covers and the spring covers, as well as the inner covers at the panel joints.

Roller Doors

All roller doors feature a drive unit in standard. The door shutter rolls up on a shaft hidden in a case which allows to save space under ceiling. 
The door shutter is made of aluminum profiles filled with Freon-free polyurethane foam with a rubber hollow weather-strip seal. The shutter moves in aluminum vertical guides and rolls up on a shaft.


Double-leaf Doors

Side-hinged doors are the most cost-effective solution for your garage. Low price and reliable operation are guaranteed due to the simple and proven design solutions. The frame and leaf are made of galvanized steel profiles without thermal break, all frame parts are bolted.


Up and Over Doors

The most popular solution on the market. It features a simple structure and proven design to ensure door reliable operation. Specially selected extension springs counterbalancing the weight of the door leaf are covered by safety cases, which protect against the trapping of fingers.
Two-point bolting system protects the door against opening by unauthorized persons.


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